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Glen Khayser

Graphic Designer


With a passion for creativity, I play with multiple disciplines of Visual Communication, such as Graphic Design, Branding, Editorial Design, Video Editing and Animation.

Software Knowledge:

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro. 


2022 - Current

Health and Care - London.

E-commerce Company

In-house Graphic Designer, Photographer, Video Editor & Animator

Health and Care is an E-commerce Company based in London, selling a variety of products across 20+ websites, such as Sports Recovery Products, Workwear, Walking Sticks, and more. 

It was mine and my teams job to ensure these websites were as visually appealing as possible, to boost the user experience and ultimately entice sales.

This includes designing banner slide shows to advertise products, brain storm ideas for tactical/seasonal promotional graphics and create weekly mailing graphics to send to existing customers.

A big part of this role includes photographing products for the websites, filming and editing videos of products to push and designing and animating logo titles for new websites to be launched.


Jack Pepper Media - London.

Production Company

Freelance Graphic Designer/Animator

Jack Pepper Media is a Production Company based in London who have made three feature length films.

I have been commissioned by JPM a number of times to make Poster Artwork and a number of animated graphics to be featured in their films, such as Choose Irvine Welsh and Sent Home to Die..

2020 - 2022

Amazing Graphics - Haverhill, Suffolk.

Graphics Company

In-House Graphic Designer, Social Media Content Manager

As the Graphic Designer for Amazing Graphics, my daily roles would include designing and putting together exciting visuals for clients that meet their requirements and specifications, predominantly Vehicle Graphics although, Signage and Interior/Exterior are services included.

Liaising with customers to discuss these requirements was a regular occurrence, so having expert knowledge on materials and production was essential.

I was also tasked with preparing artwork for print and cut ready to be installed, ensuring sizing is accurate, the correct materials used and of course, getting the best yield out of said materials.

Being in charge of the social media presence played a big part in my position, uploading content such as photos, stories, reels & video edits to platforms such as Linked In, Facebook & Instagram.


Illicit Dynasty - Bristol.

Urban Clothing Company

Freelance Graphic Designer/Editor

Illicit Dynasty is an Urban Clothing brand based in Bristol, United Kingdom.

I was commissioned to design a collection of Clothing Graphics for T-shirts, Hoodies, Hats and Lanyards for a new release of theirs.



Sika Studios - Bristol.

Clothing, Music Event, Print & Media Company

Freelance Graphic Designer

Sika Studios is a Clothing, Music Event, Print and Media Company based in Bristol, United Kingdom.


I was commissioned by Sika Studios to design a collection of T-shirt graphics in line with their brand for a new release. 


Tear Out - Norwich.

Music Event & Record Label Company

Freelance Graphic Designer

Tear Out is a music event and Record Label based in of Norwich, United Kingdom.

Tear Out approached me to design a number of clothing graphics ready to be sold for their festival in Summer 2021.


2018 - 2020

Network 2 Supplies - Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Technology Support & Services Company

IT Technician

Network 2 Supplies is a popular IT Security, Data Protection, Tech Resale and Tech Recycling Company.

My role with N2S was IT Technician, where my department and I handled data of various high profile customers. To be disposed of securely and appropriately.

Often, we would receive used tech products, such as Servers, Switches, Computers and Laptops from these companies that we would inventory and refurbish, once having dealt with the customers data accordingly, these were then sold onto other companies who required.


2017 - 2018

Artwork Solutions - Bristol.

Graphics Company

Print Finisher (Part Time)

As a Print Finisher for Artwork Solutions, my day-to-day responsibilities were varied.


Often, I would be in charge of numerous large-scale printers, other days I would be cutting materials such as Vinyls and Acrylics on Plotting Machines and Zund Cutters. 


To use these machines, I went through extensive training, learning the procedures for each machine, as well as the correct use of materials and pulling the artwork or cut files for jobs.

I learnt a lot about the Post Production of Graphics in the Interior Graphics industry in my time at Artwork Solutions.


2013 - 2015

Stuff 4 - Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Phone Case Graphics & Manufacturing Company

Printer Operator/Graphic Designer

My role at Stuff4 was to operate various printers with the purpose of printing designs onto an array of different phone cases to be sold and shipped worldwide through online shopping sites like Ebay and Amazon. 

I worked alongside a tight knit team with varied roles such as Design, Print, Packing and Postage.

This was a fast pace work environment, which brought my attention to reaching targets and being able to concentrate under pressure as we would need to ensure correct blank phone cases were used to avoid customers receiving incorrect items and clean to avoid any reprints.

Eventually, I was given the opportunity to present my own design to the managing directors of Stuff 4 where I received a percentage on each ph
one case purchased with my design, this sparked my desire to further my education in Graphic Design.


2015 - 2018

University West of England

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Graphic Design Principles, Developing Graphic Design Concepts, Editorial Design, Typography, Branding & Packaging, Advertising, Digital Imagery, Web Design & Corporate Identity.



2010 - 2012

West Suffolk College

BTEC (level 3) Media Studies

Fda Graphic Design & Interactive Multi-Media

Cinematography, Video Editing, Lighting & Sound, Scriptwriting, Music Video Production, Graphic Design, 3D Modelling, 2D Animation.


2007 - 2010

St Benedicts Upper School


Maths:  D

English:  B

Science:  C

ICT:   B

Art:  B

Drama:  C

Design Technology:  B

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