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Illicit Dynasty - Tracksuit Drop
Illicit Dynasty is an Urban Clothing brand based in Bristol, this was a video edit of mine for a new 
Tracksuit release. This was edited using Adobe Premiere Pro, to achieve the motion graphics I 

used After Effects.

Amazing Graphics - Ferrari Matte Black Full Wrap
A promotional video I filmed & edited as a designer for Amazing Graphics, a high profile
client was interested in having his Ferrari SF90 wrapped in full matte black vinyl.
This gave the supercar a completely new look and gave an insight into the skills of vehicle wrapping.

Amazing Graphics - Mazda MX5
My first video edit for Amazing Graphics was this full wrap on a Mazda Mx5 race car
for BC Cars Motorsport. From a plain white to Chrome Purple Chrome and silver ready for race season.

Jack Pepper Media - Choose Irvine Welsh Trailer
Choose Irvine Welsh is a documentary about the author Irivne Welsh that I was lucky to enough be a part of.
Jack Pepper Media commissioned me to design the poster artwork for the film and create an animated title
which is seen at the end of this trailer.  


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